Arab and Jew: Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land by David K. Shipler

By David K. Shipler

Original 12 months of publication: 1986; 2002 - pb

The increased and up to date variation of David Shipler's Pulitzer Prize-winning e-book that examines the connection, previous and current, among Arabs and Jews

In this huge paintings, widely researched and extra proper than ever, David Shipler delves into the origins of the prejudices that exist among Jews and Arabs which were intensified by way of struggle, terrorism, and nationalism.

Focusing at the varied cultures that exist facet via aspect in Israel and Israeli-controlled territories, Shipler examines the method of indoctrination that starts in colleges; he discusses the far-ranging results of socioeconomic alterations, old conflicts among Islam and Judaism, attitudes in regards to the Holocaust, and masses extra. And he writes of the folks: the Arab lady in love with a Jew, the retired Israeli army officer, the Palestinian guerrilla, the good-looking actor whose father is Arab and whose mom is Jewish.

For Shipler, and for all who learn this publication, their tales and enormous quantities of others mirror not just the truth of "wounded spirits" but additionally a glimmer of wish for eventual coexistence within the Promised Land.

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10 Ƭƣɚ ȀƬɕƭƧƴƧƮ ȭ ƪƧɜƳ ƵɘƮ ƯƩƲɔƮ ƥʦƮ, Ƭƣɚ Ƶɔ ƴƶƴƵɗμƣƵƣ ƵːƮ ȹƦɕƵƺƮ ȀƬɕƭƧƴƧƮ ƪƣƭɕƴƴƣƳ· Ƭƣɚ ȠƦƧƮ ȭ ƪƧɜƳ ȱƵƫ ƬƣƭɝƮ. 11 Ƭƣɚ ƧȢƱƧƮ ȭ ƪƧɝƳ ƅƭƣƴƵƩƴɕƵƺ ȍ ƥʦ ƤưƵɕƮƩƮ ƸɝƲƵưƶ, ƴƱƧʴƲưƮ ƴƱɗƲμƣ ƬƣƵɔ ƥɗƮưƳ Ƭƣɚ Ƭƣƪʠ ȭμưƫɝƵƩƵƣ, Ƭƣɚ ƯɟƭưƮ ƬɕƲƱƫμưƮ Ʊưƫư˃Ʈ ƬƣƲƱɝƮ, ưȿ Ƶɜ ƴƱɗƲμƣ ƣȸƵư˃ ȀƮ ƣȸƵˑ ƬƣƵɔ ƥɗƮưƳ ƧȜƳ ȭμưƫɝƵƩƵƣ ȀƱɚ ƵʦƳ ƥʦƳ· Ƭƣɚ ȀƥɗƮƧƵư ưȽƵƺƳ. 12 Ƭƣɚ ȀƯəƮƧƥƬƧƮ ȍ ƥʦ ƤưƵɕƮƩƮ ƸɝƲƵưƶ, ƴƱƧʴƲưƮ ƴƱɗƲμƣ ƬƣƵɔ ƥɗƮưƳ Ƭƣɚ Ƭƣƪʠ ȭμưƫɝƵƩƵƣ, Ƭƣɚ ƯɟƭưƮ ƬɕƲƱƫμưƮ Ʊưƫư˃Ʈ ƬƣƲƱɝƮ, ưȿ Ƶɜ ƴƱɗƲμƣ ƣȸƵư˃ ȀƮ ƣȸƵˑ ƬƣƵɔ ƥɗƮưƳ ȀƱɚ ƵʦƳ ƥʦƳ. Ƭƣɚ ȠƦƧƮ ȭ ƪƧɜƳ ȱƵƫ ƬƣƭɝƮ.

In the Commentary section, the more common English name will be used. The ֏rst time the common name is used, the name as it appears in the Translation follows the more common name in parentheses. For example, the ֏rst time that Iֲs֦ph appears in the Translation (30:24), the recognizable name Joseph appears beside Iֲs֦ph in the Commentary. INTRODUCTION 27 – When the LXX-G name replaces the Hebrew name, the more common English name is used. 42) (Egypt) appears as ƄȠƥƶƱƵưƳ in LXX-G and as Egypt in the Translation and Commentary.

And he was a city builder; and he named the city after the name of his son Henֲch. 18 Now to Henֲch was born Gaidad, and Gaidad fathered Mai֦l, and Mai֦l fathered Mathousala, and Mathousala fathered Lamech. 19 And Lamech took for himself two wives; the name of the ֏rst was Ada, and the name of the second was Sella. 20 And Ada bore Iֲbel; this one was the father of those living in tents who are herdsmen. 21 And the name of his brother was Ioubal; this one was the one who invented the harp and lyre.

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