Arab American Literary Fictions, Cultures, and Politics by S. Salaita

By S. Salaita

N.B. it is a 'Palgrave to reserve' identify. inventory of this e-book calls for cargo from in another country. it is going to be brought to you inside of 12 weeks. utilizing literary and social research, this publication examines various glossy Arab American literary fiction and illustrates how socio-political phenomena have affected the advance of the Arab American novel.

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That is to say, the marginalization supposedly professed in Stubbs’s hypothesis actually connotes a mainstreaming of Arab Americans. In another sense, Stubbs’s rhetorical performance encourages readers to assess the endurance of injurious naming and its effect on the PROBLEMS OF INCLUSION 21 territorialization of American identity into a specific majoritarian space. 5 Arab Americans, therefore, were predestined for alterity in the United States. We also have no real ability to mitigate the alterity we inherited, because “the new niggers” is merely a rhetorical truism until the “old niggers” finally transcend their inferior status in the imagination of the majoritarian elite.

CHAP TER 1 Problems of Inclusion: Arab American Studies and Ambiguous States of Being Throughout 2003 and 2004, when enough time had passed for sober analysis of 9/11, a plethora of articles interrogating the event appeared in scholarly journals, inspiring numerous special topics courses and symposia. Perhaps the most interesting of these analyses appeared in the Journal of Law and Religion, where Jonathan K. Stubbs explored race and the law in the United States with the rigor one would expect from a legal periodical.

The predicament of culture” described by Clifford is peculiar to the “postmodern” cultural situation of the European intellectual, still adrift in bankrupt master narratives tied to imperialist traditions. 10 Clifford’s “predicament of culture,” therefore, often is resolved by valorizing the same tendencies that created the predicament in the first place. John’s comment is important for Arab Americans especially, because we have an acute relationship with what we perceive overwhelmingly to be American imperialism in the Arab World; so if, as John speculates, ethnic minorities typically reject what they view as “imperialist traditions,” then it is possible that Arab Americans contribute to our own racialization by rejecting the mainstream paradigms that bespeak imperialism.

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