Apuleius and Drama: The Ass on Stage (Oxford Classical by Regine May

By Regine May

Regine may perhaps discusses using drama as an intertext within the paintings of the 2d century Latin writer Apuleius, who wrote the single whole extant Latin novel, the Metamorphoses, within which a tender guy is became a donkey by way of magic. Apuleius makes use of drama, particularly comedy, as a uncomplicated underlying texture, and invitations his readers to exploit their wisdom of latest drama in studying the destiny of his protagonist and the usually comedian or tragic events during which he unearths himself. may possibly employs an in depth learn of the Latin textual content and precise comparability with the corpus of dramatic texts from antiquity, in addition to dialogue of inventory positive aspects of old drama, in particular of comedy, so that it will clarify a few positive factors of the radical that have up to now baffled Apuleian scholarship, together with the enigmatic finishing. All Latin and Greek has been translated into English.

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This is not the place to discuss second-century archaism as a whole; instead I will focus on the role of the language of archaic dramatists as well as the use of quotations in this period. Plautus is especially congenial to archaizers and linguists at that time, given that his is one of the oldest literary Latin texts that survived, and in the case of Apuleius the intertextuality between comedy and novel, enhanced by comic words, is a desired eVect. To establish Apuleius’ literary context, it is necessary brieXy to discuss Fronto’s and Gellius’ attitude to archaism, tragedy, and comedy.

12. 53 Apuleius, as will be shown in the course of this book, uses 51 Cf. Ch. 2 below. 11: ea Caecilius, ne qua potuit quidem, conatus est enarrare, sed quasi minime probanda praetermisit et alia nescio qua mimica inculcavit. (‘Caecilius has not attempted to reproduce [sc. ’). Cf. HolfordStrevens (2003: 198 with n. 23) for statements in other authors describing Caecilius as mimic. On Bassus’ claim (CLE 97) to have written comedies cf. below Ch. 5. ). On Cicero cf. Rawson (1993). 54 As far as comic genres are concerned, then, this book will concentrate on the analysis of comedy as an intertext, but parallels with mime will be used as well.

25. 68 Green (1994: 145); Bonner (1977: 215V. and 224). 69 Cf. v. argumentum in OCD—Aemilius Asper, who wrote important commentaries on Terence and others, may have Xourished in the late 2nd cent. ad and thus cannot have been used by Apuleius, cf. von Albrecht (1994: 1025 with n. 1, and 1165), Steinmetz (1982: 186). Cf. also the commentaries on Terence’s Adelphoe and Eunuchus by Helenius Acro, and see Schanz and Hosius (1927: 119). 70 This era had a heightened interest in comedy not only for linguistic purposes, as a source of archaic words, but also as part of the educational system and as a literary genre and art form in itself.

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