Applied Grammatology: Post(e)-Pedagogy from Jacques Derrida by Professor Gregory L. Ulmer

By Professor Gregory L. Ulmer

"Applied Grammatology bargains a whole, rigorous, and perceptive examining of my released paintings, from the earliest to the newest. Gregory Ulmer's interpretation is right now refined, trustworthy, and academic, and will be of monstrous use for this by myself. it truly is, furthermore, an unique and path-breaking e-book even if discussing new artwork kinds or the transformation of the pedagogical scene... I learn this e-book with reputation and admiration."--Jacques Derrida

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Thus, it enters into many compositions~ IL, LIT, LIS~and as a fragment, "enseveLI," "aboLI," and so forth. In short, this technique escapes semantics, since the poetry is directed not by metaphor or metonymy but by a rule of repetition of kernel letters. Being nonrepresentational in its compositional technique, the poetry exemplifies the possibility of a text free of the rules of "good" rhetoric: the semantic properties that might be attributed to it~meaning, truth, dialectics~are simply effecls generated by the nature of language.

In short, the grids involved are the two spellings, the paragram, with only one letter out of order between them. The shuttle motion between 48 BEYOND DECONSTRUCTION: DERRIDA these two words is the binding necessity of their chance occupation of the same letters. The motion is set up within the shuttle itself, joining its meanings or semantic domains, which in French ("la navette') include, besides those already mentioned, a liturgical sense (it is a small vessel for incense). "To and fro woven in a warp [chaine J.

Clas, having found in the homophonic shuttle a different intonation of one of the philosophemes of logocentrism, sounds the death knell of dialectics. 49 THEORIA Grotesquery. mother's phall~s, model of all simulacra. Working free of the paradigm of the idea ~ woman, Derrida looks for evidence of this oscillation in the vicinity of the "vagina" as term. He considers, to begin with, the undecidable nature of the hymen occupying the space between (entre) the inside and the outside. He discovers the shuttle at work here (the ersatz phallus imaged as braided pubic hair) in the very name of this space-the betweenentre, since the word antre (a cavern or grotto) also alludes to the vagina and finally, in its etymology, to entre itself.

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