Ant Ecology by Lori Lach, Catherine Parr, Kirsti Abbott

By Lori Lach, Catherine Parr, Kirsti Abbott

Comprising a considerable a part of dwelling biomass in the world, ants are crucial to the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. greater than 12,500 species were defined thus far, and it's envisioned that maybe as many nonetheless watch for class.

Ant Ecology explores key ecological concerns and new advancements in myrmecology throughout more than a few scales. The booklet starts off with a world viewpoint on species range in time and area, and examines interactions on the neighborhood point prior to describing the inhabitants ecology of those social bugs. the ultimate part covers the new ecological phenomenon of invasive ants: how they stream around the globe, invade, have an effect on ecosystems, and are controlled by way of people. every one bankruptcy hyperlinks ant ecology to broader ecological ideas, offers a succinct precis, and discusses destiny learn instructions. functional features of myrmecology, functions of ant ecology, debates, and novel discoveries are highlighted in textual content containers during the quantity. The booklet concludes with a synthesis of the present country of the sector and a glance at fascinating destiny study instructions. The huge reference checklist and entire thesaurus are necessary for researchers, and people new to the field.

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1). Not surprisingly, the larger, more isolated remnants of Gondwanaland (the Neotropic, Afrotropic, and Australia) show the greatest endemicity (Bolton 1995b). Overall, over half (53%) of all 290 genera, are restricted to one of the eight classical biogeographic regions. 1 Comparison of the ranking of biogeographic regions based on number of genera, percentage of endemic genera, and complementarity, which maximizes the accumulation of the greatest number of genera, and number of described species between the classical biogeographic regions of Pielou (1979) and Olson et al.

Engel and Grimaldi (2005) propose the Eocene–Oligocene (~35 Mya) climatic shift that altered biogeography of numerous insect lineages (Grimaldi and Engel 2005). It is unclear how A. simoni was able to survive the factors underlying the extinction of its relatives. The Myrmeciinae were also much more diverse historically than their modern distribution would indicate. Present-day native Myrmeciinae are restricted to Australia and New Caledonia. Though fossil records for the subfamily are restricted to the Eocene, the subfamily included a number of genera distributed throughout the world, including fossils from North America, South America, and Eurasia (Archibald et al.

Both the Amazon of South America and the Congo Basin rainforests of Central Africa are distributed in relatively large, unbroken blocks inhabited by relatively widespread species. Even the island of Madagascar contains a strip of eastern wet tropical forest that stretches for nearly 1,500 km from north to south. The continuity of these habitats helps sustain high levels of species diversity. In general, ants have difficulty in tolerating cold and wet climates. In tropical regions, species diver- sity drops off in montane forest (Brown 1973; Fisher 1999b; Kaspari et al.

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