Ane's Encyclopedic Dictionary of General & Applied by Manjit S Dhooria

By Manjit S Dhooria

This encyclopedic dictionary offers the terminology in entomology and pest administration within the so much real and entire means holding the necessities of academics and researchers in brain. The terminology is gifted in a simple and fascinating way.

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Circadian Rhythms: Behavioural or physiological events that occur at approximately 24 hour intervals, and such rhythms are called circadian or diel rhythms. During the 24 hour cycle of day and night there is a daily rhythm of temperature and humidity characteristic of each area. Except during diapause, activities of most insects are definitely related to this rhythm. During hot summer days when the humidity is depressed, many insects will be relatively inactive, locating cooler and moister niches.

Chemorecepton: Sensory perception of chemical substances; includes both taste and smell. Chemoreception is accomplished by modified hairs or sensilla generally present on antennae and palps. Chemoreceptor: A chemical sense organ perceiving taste or smell. Organs of taste are common on the mouthparts, especially the palps, though they have been identified also on the antennae (Hymenoptera), tarsi (many Lepidoptera and Diptera), ovipositor (parasitic Hymenoptera) and on general body surface. The antennae are primary sites of olfactory organs.

Bucket Pump: The simplest hydraulic sprayer is the bucket pump. It is a plunger pump adapted by a clamp or otherwise for use in an open pail and delivering the liquid through a spray nozzle at the end of a hose. Any chemical that prevents sudden changes in pH. Area of field where no pesticide is applied to prevent worker exposure or contamination of adjascent areas. Bulla: A blister-like structure; a weak point on a wing vein. Bumblebees: Bumblebees are relatively large, hairy bees, 20 mm or longer.

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