An introduction to the study of the Kabalah, Edition: 2d ed by W Wynn Westcott

By W Wynn Westcott

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D. 253), in his "Homilies," wrote that everybody should regard THE P RAe TIC A L K A B A L AH ~ THE KABALAH these stories, the making of the world in six daya, and the planting of trees by God,-as figures of speech under which _a recondite sense is con· cealed. Origen granted a Three·fold meaning,som:itic, psychic, and pneumatic; or the body of scripture, its soul and itS spirit. Nicholas de Lyra, who died in 1340, accepted four modes of interpretation: literal, allegoric. moral, and anagogic or mystical.

Into a Crown of glorified radiance, and we recognise KTR, Kether, the Crown, the First Sephira, First Emanation of Incomprehensible Deity, the first conceivable attribute of immanent manifested Godhead: also named ADM OILAH, Adam Oilah, The Heavenly Man, and Autik Yomin, The Ancient of days. The devout Rabbi bows his head and adores the sublime conce,ption. He is represented in the Hebrew Old Testament by the Divine Name AHIH, Aheieh, "I am" (Exodus iii. v. 4). The conscious God having arisen in His energy, there follow immediately two further Emanations, the Trio shining in the symbol of a radiant triangle.

Woe be to the man who says that The Law (Torah) contains only common sayings and tales: if this were true we might even in our time compose a book of doctrine which would be more respected. a somewhat similar declaration of a literal and a mystical meaning of scripture. The Talmud in book "Sanhedrin" remarks that Mariasseh King of Israel asked whether Moses ' could not relate something of more value than tales of Timnah a concubine, and Rachael with her mandrakes, and he is answered that there IS a concealed meaning in these narrations.

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