American beetles by Arnett, Ross H.; Thomas, M. C

By Arnett, Ross H.; Thomas, M. C

Arnett and Thomas supply the main sweeping textual content on hand near to North American beetles. each one part is gifted within the similar concise structure, and the association of the data is bt relatives. The editors have selected the main revered of experts to give a contribution the entries. Covers extra species of North American beetles than the other past booklet; offers all info within the same, Read more...


Covers the genera of beetles that happen in Alaska, Canada, and the contiguous usa. outfitted at the beginning of the unique paintings and virtually rewritten by means of greater than 60 coleopterists, this Read more...

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Habits and habitats. Larvae are wood-borers, living in fairly firm, but fungal-infested wood through which they navigate with the aid of their asperate thoracic and abdominal ampullae. Sometimes they have been found in structural timbers. Priacma serrata males have been attracted in great numbers to chlorine bleaches. Adults of Tenomerga are occasionally attracted to lights at night. Status of the classification. Cupedid classification has had a colorful history, starting with Fabricius who described the first species as a chrysomelid, presumably because of the hispine-like elytral punctures.

Based on characters of the hind wing and other morphological and ecological features, Kukalova-Peck and Lawrence (1993) recognize Myxophaga as a sister group to Adephaga. Recent coleopteran classifications (Lawrence, 1982; Lawrence and Newton 1995, 1982) retain Microsporidae within Myxophaga. Phylogenetic analyses of adult and larval morphological characters (Beutel 1998/1999; Beutel et al. 1999) support the monophyly of Myxophaga. Distribution. Microsporidae consist of 19 species that in Africa (including Madagascar), Asia, Australia, Europe and North and Central America (Endrödy-Younga 1997).

Exp. , Tech. Bull. 1038:1-117. KUKALOVA-PECK, J. and LAWRENCE, J. 1993. Evolution of the hind wing in Coleoptera. Canadian Entomologist, 125: 181-258. LACORDAIRE, J. T. and CHAPUIS, F. 1854-1876. Histoire naturelle des insectes. , Paris. LAMEERE, A. 1933. Précis de Zoologie. Paris, vol. 5, pp. 273395. LAMEERE, A. 1938. Evolution des Coléoptéras. Bull. Ann. Soc. Ent. Belgique, 78: 355-362. LATREILLE, P. A. 1810. Considerations générales sur l’ordre naturel des animaux composant les classes des Crustacés, des Arachnides et des Insectes .

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