Alis by Naomi Rich

By Naomi Rich

At fourteen, Alis hasn't ever been outdoor her strict non secular neighborhood. but if her mom and dad manage for her to marry a forty-year-old guy, she flees desperately to the damaging, unexpected urban. She learns speedy that the one strategy to live to tell the tale there's to develop into a thief—or worse. dealing with an very unlikely selection among a compelled marriage or existence at the streets, Alis seizes regulate of her personal destiny. however the direction she chooses units off a disastrous chain of occasions that go away her accused of homicide. Steadfastly unswerving, Alis needs to make a decision: will she betray a friend or sacrifice herself?

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Where would I . . I mean . . ” “Where would you go indeed, my dear? ” He had released Sarah’s hand, and the flesh was white where he had gripped it. He was still smiling, his eyebrows raised mockingly. He was a handsome man to be sure, Alis thought, but not one it would be wise to cross. Now he was turning to her. “And who is this? I did not know that we were to have a visitor. ” Sarah began to stammer a reply, but he waved her aside. “Your young companion can account for herself, I doubt not.

Miriam was sent away north to her grandmother. But they took Tobias from his mother and made him a ward. The man who has charge of him is an expert in particular discipline, they say. Tobias came one night and threw stones at my window. He would not stand for any more bullying and beating, he said. He was running away and wanted me to go with him, but I would not leave my grandparents, though I longed to go. ” There was a long silence. Then Luke said bitterly, “I do not know what they did to him.

There were few people about—a couple of women in dark gowns and shawls, a man carrying a length of wood, a long-legged boy swinging a mason’s hammer from his right hand. No one took any notice of them. Alis shivered a little in the chill wind. With their bundles at their feet, she and her companion said good-bye to the driver, who heaved himself up onto his seat again and clicked his tongue at the patient horses. The wagon creaked away, leaving silence behind. Sarah seemed at a loss, so after a moment Alis said carefully, “What must we do now, Mistress Sarah?

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