Aircraft Of The Royal Navy Since 1945 by David Hobbs

By David Hobbs

Книга plane Of The Royal army when you consider that 1945 plane Of The Royal army due to the fact that 1945 Книги Вооружение Автор: D.Hobbs Формат: pdf Размер: 51,2 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Книга оавиации Британского флота в послевоенный период. Самолеты, вертолеты. Фотографии,описание,ТТХ.

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That the difficulty will be to keep salvos on the target, both for range and line, in view of the greater effectiveness of avoiding action at long range. Nevertheless, the expenditure of a limited amount of ammunition may be justified in view of the serious damage which may be inflicted by one or two hits from “plunging” fire. - War Experience. - Master Ship Control v. Individual Ship Control. - Position of Master Ship and Datum Ship. - Method of obtaining the best Rate of Hitting. - The Firing Signal.

And of slip are approximately opposite and equal. 23. The final decision reached was- (a) Keep the Dumaresq set 20º ahead of the turn until the wheel is put amidships. Alter own speed settings at the rate indicated by the Forbes log. C. Tables 24. No definite information was obtained during 1930, but opinion tended towards the use of 10º of slip angle when using 25º of rudder. 3001/1914-36. – PROGRESS IN NAVAL GUNNERY, 1914-36 25. A difficulty was pointed out in connection with the speed settings.

Since no cross levelling gear is fitted the heel resulting from alteration of course must be allowed for by a spotting correction, which is not anticipated to be difficult to assess and order if the hell is steady. If rolling, salvos must only be fired with the ship upright or in same position on each roll. CHAP. III. SECT. 1. - (i) Change in Dreyer correction due to change in component of own ship’s speed along the line of fire. e. the ship does not follow the theoretical track traced out on the Dreyer table.

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