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These antennas are sometimes referred to as "Fishbone" antennas. In general, these types of gain antennas consist of a number of elements perpendicular to the antenna boom, used to support the elements. At the rear of the boom are elements that are relatively long with respect to the elements at the front. This indicates that the energy would be received most effectively in the direction of the shorter elements. These antennas can be very efficient and have high values of gain, sometimes from 10 to 20 dB!

22. There are several types of transmission lines and we will discuss the most common ones here. They all have similar characteristics and functions; however, the construction can be very different and each type can have very different requirements. 24 show the two primary types of TLFeBOOK 50 / Automotive EMC transmission lines, "open wire line" and "coaxial line". There are important differences between these two types of transmission lines. The first one that can be seen is that the open wire line in some ways resembles a ladder, with the conductors located opposite from one another and the insulator between them.

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