Acarorum Catalogus 1: Acariformes: Calyptostomatoidea by Petar Beron

By Petar Beron

The 1st quantity of the sequence "Acarorum Catalogus" is concentrated at the superfamilies Calyptostomatoidea and Erythraeoidea of the realm. greater than 750 species are indexed therein, with synonymies and citations in a number of papers. The ebook additionally includes a checklist of by-country distributions and an inventory of the authors who released on any identified species from those teams. There are different lists together with hosts of the larvae of those mites, species inquirendae, and a synopsis of the numerous new combos. The bibliography on my own involves greater than 1,000 titles. the 1st quantity of the sequence almost represents a trend to absorb the subsequent volumes on different mite or tick teams to persist with.

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