A Study of Growth and Decline: Urban Europe by Leo van den Berg

By Leo van den Berg

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But the manner in which this was undertaken was limited in scope and rather ineffectual. Governments had to intervene in the towns, where they tried to combat poor housing conditions and the inevitable building speculation by passing laws protecting occupants on the one hand and encouraging housing con­ struction on the other. It was at this time also that the first housing projects on a condominium basis were launched by various social organiz­ ations with a view to creating decent living conditions for the less-well-off population groups.

Now that towns are spreading over an ever-increasing area, the terms "urban area" or "urban district" have become more accurate than "town". Central city and suburban surroundings are functionally united, and within the larger area homes and places of work are spatially distributed, as are other places for recreation, which also have space requirements in the same area. 3. , and makes for greater living comfort and has done away with overcrowded town quarters. But there are also obvious negative consequences, and it must be feared that they will get worse as the scale of suburbanization becomes larger, the worst problems being those relating to traffic.

Cit. Stages of Urban Development 33 The modernization of industry involves the scrapping of obsolete factories. Small industrial plants disappear too. Production is concentrated in separate industrial quarters. Although this has a number of advantages, it does increase commuting dis­ tances, a circumstance women find particularly troublesome. Once this was realized, small industrial establishments were reintroduced in residential town quarters. The development of a network of services, the rising rate of housing construction, the specific features of industrial development, the reshaping of the layout of road networks to suit the development of motoring—all these factors contribute to the transformation of the internal structure of towns.

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