A Spiritual Life: Exploring the Heart and Jewish Tradition by Merle Feld

By Merle Feld

The revised variation of this cherished vintage incorporates a readers' and writers' advisor to facilitate booklet workforce conversations and casual grownup schooling, and in addition deals activates for private journaling exploration. Merle Feld's emotionally robust prose and hugely available poetry open the hearts of readers of every age and non secular persuasions who're touring throughout the cycle of existence and sharing within the look for that means.

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So we took the train. My mother, Eddie’s brother and sister-in-law came to see us off. It was hard to separate, but exciting to be going. After we left, Marcia said she and my mother cried. ” Young we were, especially me. I remember thinking, how strange the world is—I’ve known this man for a year and a half and here I am saying goodbye to my family, to all my friends, starting a new life with him alone. We rented a duplex apartment in a new development at the edge of the cornfields. We spent the next few weeks settling in, buying a car, discovering the wonders of a Midwestern invention called K-Mart, finding the local supermarkets, setting up a kosher kitchen, creating bookcases and a coffee table out of bricks and boards.

Our peripheral status, our totally unclear role in the life of the community? To be fair all around, neither the young men nor the young women who participated in the founding of Havurat Shalom, the cornerstone of the Jewish renewal movement, had any role models for the equal participation of women in the Jewish community. I think it not incidental that the popular subject of study at Havurat Shalom was of Hasidism, of Buber and Rosensweig. Both the Hasidic and the German Jewish writers celebrated direct, unmediated spiritual experience; both cultures questioned the authority of the Talmud and the rabbis.

I did it freely, joyously, I did it because it satisfied one aspect of my spiritual longings. It was work that was as defining of my sense of self and sense of meaning as writing a play, putting together a poetry reading, teaching a class or delivering a talk. Even the process was not all that different: creative engagement, careful planning, methodical attention to every detail, unstinting hard work, and then, when the lights come up on stage, letting go of it all, giving up control, stepping aside and allowing whatever needs to happen to happen, taking a leap of faith which permits the spirit to soar.

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