A Ship of the Line (Hornblower, Book 6) by C. S. Forester

By C. S. Forester

Notwithstanding the seventy-four-gun HMS Sutherland is the ugliest and least fascinating two-decker within the military and a team scarcity potential he needs to recruit 200 and fifty landlubbers, Hornblower understands that by the point Sutherland and her squadron achieve the blockaded Catalonian coast each seaman will do his accountability. yet with bold raids opposed to the French military and army to be made, it's going to take all Hornblower's seamanship and stewardship to lead a gentle direction to victory and residential. this can be the 6th of 11 books chronicling the adventures of C. S. Forester's inimitable nautical hero, Horatio Hornblower

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It appears that the sights and sounds of the mine explosion and its aftermath induced some sort of mental block. I nevertheless stand by my recollections of the mining [sic] itself and of my time on the Carley Float and subsequent rescue by the American Coast Guard cutter. I was on deck when the ship hit the mine. Shortly after this explosion there was a second, which I assumed was that of the boiler. On both occasions I was thrown to the deck. On seeing the for'ard hatch falling away, I began to release one of the Carley Floats.

Duffel coat refused. Someone suggested taking the coat off him but wiser heads said that a struggle would have us all in the water and if that happened some would not make it back to the float. I remember the speed with which men died. The fellow next to me said he was feeling warm at last. Th is I knew was a sign of hypothermia. I tried to keep him awa ke by talking to him, but failed. It seemed no time at all before he was as stiff as a board and we tipped him over the side. Just as the sun was abo ut to disappear, we saw the silhouettes of two ships.

Again, th e results were ent husiastically greeted by Germa n naval comma nd and on 12 August Ltn (V) Alfred Vettner, Gro up leader of 211 K-Flotilla was also awarded the Knight 's Cross . 54 55 WEAPONS OF DESPERATION O ur gro up [4 Rotten] went with Ltn Alfred Venner . . from Trouville for service agains t the Allied invasion fleet. The Linsens, with the pilots in them, were pushed over the beach on their carriages and into the sea wh ere they floated free and for med up. The course was laid in and the jo urney begun .

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