1974 Seminary Hinayana-Mahayana by Rinpoche Cogyam Trungpa

By Rinpoche Cogyam Trungpa

Transcript of talks given through Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche on the moment Vajradhatu Seminary, Snowmass Village 1974.

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Because you're not supposed to do it, you can't do· it. So the idea of awareness and the idea of having a meditation schedule is to have action in order to have nonaction. You have the action of sitting down on your zafu to meditate, and then you have nonaction after that. Otherwise there is no way, and things become impossible and ungraspable. Q: It seems to me that the loneliness would inspire a kind of confidence in your own independence, so that you could be and act at the same time. But it also seems that that kind of confidence would become a companion in itself.

Do you mean the potential of awareness, or awareness itself? Because as you were saying that, it occurred to me that from the time we were kids, there were moments of unobstructed awareness coming in, the kind of seeing that in the chaos of consciousness you in fact avoid. Maybe the. subtlety of coming into the interest in yourself is that same kind of awareness. It's been there all the time, in fact, fully alive. And maybe it's not any electric dynamic thing, but maybe it's in the subtlety of that relationship.

Catholic monks take a vow of poverty so that everything is owned by the community. " You always say "we" don't have a spoon on the table. That is part of the discipline of the Catholic tradition. In the Buddhist tradition the question seems to be very simple-seeing the helplessness of one's own experience is the only way to look at things helpfully. But if you look at things helpfully from the point of view that it is going to bring you some kind of help, that the golden chariot is going to descend in front of you full of food and companionship-it never happens.

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