15-Minute Italian: Learn Italian in Just 15 Minutes a Day by Dorling Kindersley

By Dorling Kindersley

Parla italiano? in precisely quarter-hour an afternoon you could communicate and comprehend Italian with self belief, with this innovative new process for studying a language. the original visible process makes studying speedy, effortless and enjoyable. No writing or homework - simply use the canopy to conceal the solutions and try your self as you examine. Real-life examples disguise each vacation and enterprise scenario. Accompanying CD might help you ideal your pronunciation. no matter if ranging from scratch or simply wanting a refresher, there's no more straightforward strategy to research Italian - quick.

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After that, just add the number as in ventidue (22), ventitré (23), trentadue (32), trentatré (33). eleven oondeechee twelve The exception is the first day of the month when you say “the first,” as in Domani è il primo febbraio (Tomorrow is the first of February). dodici dodeechee thirteen tredici traydeechee fourteen To say the date, you generally use the regular number: Oggi è il 26 settembre (Today is September 26th). undici quattordici kwattordeechee fifteen quindici kweendeechee sixteen sedici sedeechee seventeen diciassette deechassettay eighteen diciotto deechottoh nineteen diciannove deechannovay twenty venti ventee thirty trenta trentah forty quaranta kwarantah fifty cinquanta cheenkwantah sixty sessanta sessantah seventy settanta settantah Sono ottantacinque euro.

4 Our anniversary is in December. 5 Time 5 Time Say these times in Italian. 1 l’una loonah 1 2 2 l’una e cinque loonah ay cheenkway 3 l’una e venti loonah ay ventee 3 4 4 l’una e mezzo loonah ay metsoh 5 l’una e un quarto loonah ay oon kwartoh 5 6 6 le due meno dieci lay dooay menoh deeaychee 38 WEEK 4 1 Warm up Count to 100 in tens. 30–1) Alla biglietteria At the ticket office In Italy you must be sure to validate (convalidare) your ticket before getting on the train by stamping it in one of the special small yellow machines installed in every train station for this purpose.

Quant’è? kwantay How much is it? AC C O M M O DAT I O N 63 4 Words to remember Familiarize yourself with these words and test yourself using the flap. 5 Say it I need a site for four nights. Can I rent a tent? tent la tenda lah tendah camper trailer la roulotte lah roolott camper van il camper eel kamper Where’s the electrical hookup? air mattress il materassino gonfiabile eel matayraseenoh gonfeeyabeelay i bagni ee banyee sleeping bag restrooms la presa di corrente lah praysah dee korrentay il sacco a pelo eel sakkoh ah peloh site la piazzola lah peeatsolah campfire electrical hookup il falò eel faloh drinking water l’acqua potabile (f) lahkkwah potabeelay garbage l’immondizia (f) leemmondeetseeah showers le docce lay docchay flashlight la torcia lah torchah la corda lah kordah backpack guy rope lo zaino loh tsa-eenoh stove fuel il pichetto il gas da campeggio eel gas dah kampayjjoh eel peekettoh peg Cinquanta euro, una notte anticipata.

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