1001 celestial wonders as observed with home-built by Charles Edward Barns

By Charles Edward Barns

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But the One who enjoys the the. keenest, who achieves the more intimate knowledge. carries others alollg in the spirit of his progress is the and investigator of things actual-the true observer. not ': the onlooker. Even though his equipment be modest hlShskill limited, his plea~ures and profit far outdistance d W kO. take all things on tradition or sufferance. He has a lngdom and made it his own. s '"t t~e. affairs of life how wide is the difference between havt a b Ing done for us and doing it ourselves!

No danger in these days of intellectual alertness and international rivalry that your letter or telegram will be "pigeon-holed for future reference," as was Adams' computations leading to the discovery of an eighth planet was sidetracked by the Astronomer ROyal of his day, and the honor aud glory of the finding of Neptune was lost forever to England. Observatories now, as the late Prof. ' he gave freely to his unknown yet eager correspondents In all parts of the world who appealed to him for guidance.

Barely one in twenty of the visual bin- aries shows this stupendous speed about a common center. M46 073814 Annular star-cloud, ]0' in diam. HVIII38 073214 Broad integration of mag. 5-9 suns. Colorful units abound. A majestic zone thruout. 2409 072817 Wide CI. L p. for these fine sweepings. HIV64 073818 PI. Neb. Curious bright opal. J Barer. (1603). , instead of distinguishing them hy the .... • th b ey occupied in the consteHations, (Oculus Tauri, for in. ee, ecame alpha Taud), and the method still obtains.

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